Miley Cyrus touches her father with a message!


Miley Cyrus’ father shared an adorable memory on Instagram. Indeed, he unveiled an old gift made by his daughter!

Miley Cyrus has always been close to her father! Indeed, the star continues to declare her love for Billy Ray. And the latter has just found an adorable note from her daughter. We tell you everything!

When it comes to spoiling loved ones, Miley Cyrus never does things halfway. Indeed, the star always has thought for her family. And it obviously does not date from today!

When she was little, the singer already made adorable gifts for her parents. Her father Billy Ray just shared a very touching note the star wrote when she was younger.

The country star found this adorable memory at home. And she didn’t hesitate a second before showing it to Internet users.

Miley Cyrus’ dad then explains, “I think we could all think about those lovely words from Miley.” He then accompanies his publication with a photo of a bookmark.

We can then see a nice sentence written by hand by Miley Cyrus. ” I love you, dad ! A hard time doesn’t mean it’s time to stop trying. Miley ”.


The star accompanied her little gift with a photo. And then we can see her with her daddy when she was a baby. Adorable!

Internet users therefore fell in love with this lovely souvenir. It must be said that Miley Cyrus already knew how to use the right words, even at a young age.

The star has also been entitled to thousands of compliments “She has always been adorable”, “Too beautiful”, “Too cute”, “You have a great bond” can we read among the reactions.

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Like what, Miley Cyrus has always had the heart on the hand. And her father has just proven it with this publication! What do you think?


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