Miley Cyrus shares ‘Hannah Montana’ advice on coronavirus


Miley Cyrus shares ‘Hannah Montana’ advice on coronavirus. The singer recalled the valuable advice of her alter ego.

Faced with the coronavirus, several countries have declared a state of emergency and have ordered a national quarantine to prevent further infections; however, the population has panicked and has made massive purchases of hygiene products, further raising the level of risk and social disorder.

Therefore, Miley Cyrus decided to take her social networks to make a request and gave “Hanna Montana” as an example , we tell you what it is about.

Through her Instagram account, Miley shared a series of posts about “Hanna”, the first of them was a video of her character with a face mask and where she looks scared before any bacteria that may touch her, a joke about her voluntary confinement before the crisis.

The following were to raise awareness, Miley believes that people should take seriously measures such as keeping a safe distance and avoiding public places with many people, also about panic shopping, she said that people often buy unnecessarily leaving others without Nothing, she believes there will be enough products if people buy in a limited way.

The singer and actress demonstrated that “Hanna Montana” has episodes that can be applied in the current emergency, but one must respect preventive measures and avoid panicking.

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Social Fucking Distancing. #HannahAlwaysKnowsBest

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