Miley Cyrus jealous of Maddison Brown? She would do anything to recover Liam Hemsworth


Miley Cyrus jealous of Maddison Brown? She would do anything to recover Liam Hemsworth! It looks like Miley Cyrus is trying to get Liam Hemsworth back, drawing her attention with her nascent relationship with Cody Simpson!

Even though Miley Cyrus seems to be spinning the perfect love with Cody Simpson, the young woman still seems to be thinking about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. We explain to you!

Miley Cyrus is ready to do anything to recover Liam Hemsworth? That’s what the singer’s relatives think. Indeed since her break with Liam, the singer has quickly posted with Kaitlynn Carter. Now she’s with Cody Simpson with whom she keeps showing up on social media. Besides, it is displayed a lot for a recent relationship!

So we could believe that the singer uses her new story to attract the attention of Liam Hemsworth. That’s what the Who website claims. “Miley saw red and she turned into a fury when she discovered that Liam was dating Maddison Brown. She knows he will not go out with someone for the buzz. At that moment, she realized that he had turned the page. She finds it hard to accept that he can be happy with Maddison. Says the source.

Miley Cyrus is more than ever on Instagram, the young woman would be jealous of Maddison Brown. Because she understood that it was not a banal relationship but a real idyll between her and Liam. Besides, the source explains that Miley plays the comedy: “She tries to act as if she did not care. But secretly, she is furious. She understood that the grass was not necessarily greener elsewhere. ”

In addition, the Radar Online website revealed that Miley Cyrus sent messages to Liam! “She called him when she was drunk for a while. But now she is reduced to trying to get her attention on social networks. “The source says, before adding:” Her romance with Cody is intended to annoy him and at one time it would have worked .Liam is a good person and she loved him. But he does not want to hear about it even as a friend and that makes Miley crazy. ”

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