Miley Cyrus is done with his drug addictions?


Miley Cyrus has been sober for several months. The young woman would then be done with her addictions. That’s what her mom said!

Tish Cyrus exposed himself to her daughter’s addictions. Miley Cyrus is done with drugs and alcohol!

For many years, Miley Cyrus has had many addictions. The young woman consumed alcohol and drugs excessively.

A real problem for the young woman who then exceeded her limits. Her family supported her, but it was difficult for them to accept the situation.

Thus, Miley Cyrus would then be sober for 6 months. And it’s also partly thanks to her companion, Cody Simpson! The young man helps her a lot. Just like her mom, Tish Cyrus!

She confided in her daughter’s addictions in an interview!


The singer would then have adopted a new way of life. A much healthier daily life! And that’s what her mom confirms. She testified for the podcast, Chicks in the office.

Tish Cyrus then declares. “She is the cleanest person I know. Miley Cyrus doesn’t even smoke a pot anymore. She only smokes CBD. And she doesn’t drink anymore. She is so solid. ”

Her mother was very proud of her daughter. Miley Cyrus has, therefore, changed her lifestyle. To the delight of her loved ones! The relationship with her mother has changed a lot since then.

“There were times when she pushed the limits. We were arguing and I was punishing her. But I think she knew I was doing this just because I loved her. So it always worked. ”

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Since her vocal cord surgery last November, Miley would then be sober. A decision that had been taken above all because of her physical health! Still, it’s the best choice Miley could have made.


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