Miley Cyrus introduces Kate Moss, her new love


Miley Cyrus found someone very special to give her all her love, Kate Moss. The singer went through a recent break-up with Cody Simpson, but the two were on good terms, after all they have been great friends for years. However, it seems that the singer is in her prime and as she focuses on finding her way to what she wants in her life, she found someone very special to her.

Through her Instagram account, Miley Cyrus shared a couple of photographs with Kate Moss, her new and faithful companion. This is her new pet, an abandoned dog that had a stormy past before being given up for adoption and falling in love with the “Hanna Montana” star.

According to the TMZ portal, Kate is a bulldog who wandered for a time through the streets of Fresno, California, the first to rescue her was a group of firefighters, she came to the station and decided to take it as her temporary home, she was also raised by one of them, until they decided to find him a permanent owner through The Wagmor Hotel and Pet Spa organization.

In the shared photos, Miley poses in what appears to be a bathtub, while Kate shows her love through a kiss while wearing a cute pink ribbon, they also shared the bed with another of their pets, making her feel welcome in their new home. Despite her breakup with Cody, Miley prefers to give her love to the most vulnerable beings.

Reportedly, Miley would have fallen in love with Kate when she saw the photos of the foundation on her social networks, so she agreed to be its new owner, she knows the work of this marble organization, she has even taken care of other dogs that They are now part of his family, so I do not hesitate to give Kate a place.

Miley regretted that the bulldog had been abandoned, because when they found her she had a great flea infection, as well as symptoms of dehydration, so she showed off her new pet and assured that it is impossible not to want her by her side and from now on she will not they will separate one from the other, she was the one who christened her Kate Moss.

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