Miley Cyrus and Hailey Baldwin open up about their beliefs and religion


Miley Cyrus and Hailey Baldwin open up about their beliefs and religion. In quarantine time, you can talk about many topics and support your friends.

The celebs have chosen to do various activities to spend their time in quarantine, from advising their fans, acoustic concerts from home, livestream, to discussions on controversial topics like religion is.

Miley Cyrus decided to do a live broadcast through her Instagram , but thanks to technology, she had Hailey Baldwin as a guest through a simultaneous live . The singer took the opportunity to express her opinion about the church and this is what happened.

Miley decided to be honest, it is always good for someone else to listen to what you feel or think about a certain topic, either to receive support or to discuss it and make you see if you are wrong. The singer confessed to the model that she stopped going to church because she does not share the thoughts of some people: homophobia.

She explained that she has friends who are part of the LGBT community, but there are certain beliefs that fall into discrimination, she even shared that some of her acquaintances were sent to therapy to retract their orientation.

Miley confessed that she also had difficulty recognizing her own sexuality, so she decided to walk away, but currently she has a conflict about continuing to believe and accept God in her life.

The model decided to give her full support and opinion in this regard. Hailey believes that Miley should not worry about what others believe, it is something only between her and her faith, she thinks that everyone is loved no matter what they do or if they are outside of the church. What do you think? The celebs also took the opportunity to have a makeup session between friends.

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