Miley Cyrus divorced from Liam Hemsworth: she definitively turns the page with this video!


Miley Cyrus once again posted a meaningful video on Instagram. Because his ex, Liam Hemsworth appears there several times!

To finish off the year 2019 in style, Miley Cyrus has decided to share a retrospective video of the past year to make a few reminders, and Liam Hemsworth is no exception! We explain to you.

Everyone has their own technique for letting them know that we have moved on. So some people make this known by displaying themselves with another person. While others need to post it on social media. For Miley Cyrus it’s both! Indeed the young woman published a video on insta, which takes stock of the last 10 years. So we see her from Hannah Montana, until her last show.

But here, in this video Miley could not ignore such an important detail of her life. This is her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth! As a reminder, the two lovebirds remained close to 10 years together with ruptures. But decided to separate and then divorce last summer. However, they will not be long in finding love, each on their own! Liam with actress Maddison Bear and Miley with Cody Simpson!

So this video seems to confirm once again that Miley Cyrus has turned the page. But also that Liam will always be part of his past, see of his life. A few days ago, the two stars formalized their divorce after having found a mutual agreement. The two stars are therefore determined to move forward for this new year. Whether with their new partner or themselves!

So this video appears as a final farewell with the one she loved. Miley Cyrus has decided to compile 10 years of her life in 10 minutes of video. So we see moments of his love life with Liam, other moments on stage. There is even the day of their very first meeting on the set of the film “The Last Song” in 2010. As well as their marriage in December 2018 until their last Christmas together and their separation a few months ago!


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