Miley Cyrus continues to send small messages to Liam Hemsworth, these are accompanied by a respite of relief, in which she has been responsible for making us understand that, since both celebrities separated, she has been able to feel free.

During the months in which they have stayed away, Miley has taken the opportunity to get new tattoos, such as the one in which she embodied the symbol of Milan on her skin, just after making her trip to Italy with Kaitlynn Carter, the Girl with whom he lived a brief romance.

Although Cyrus has not given details for which she and the Australian actor, Liam, decided to put an end to their marriage and their love, everything seems to indicate that the singer was living a life she did not want, especially because she did not feel free of doing or saying things that have distinguished her for years.

Therefore, she decided to get a new tattoo, in which you can read the word “Freedom”, which in turn, this means “Freedom”. Surely the ex-Disney girl is starting to live the life she never found with her ex-husband. OUCH!

Although the divorce has had some problems due to bad paperwork, both Miley and Hemsworth are giving each other a chance in love, and without a doubt, the two are with the whole attitude of making their relationships work, something that did not happen with them .