Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson spend time in front of Love Island!


Like everywhere in the world, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson see their lives “on hold” because of the coronavirus. The beautiful blonde had also confessed that she had to cancel her trips.

In a story on her Instagram account several days ago, Miley Cyrus explained that she had to follow the instructions of the authorities. She explained that she could not come to Australia. It wishes to limit the risk of the spread of Covid 19.

For the health and well-being of her team, Miley Cyrus prefers to respect the rules of the state. However, she said she would continue to donate to help Australia. In the meantime, she is busy as best she can with Cody Simpson.

Not long ago, she explained that she spent her days doing FaceTime. And it seems that this occupation does not really please him as the days go by.

Cody Simpson found another way to deal with Miley Cyrus. This Sunday, March 15, he posted a new photo in Story of his Instagram account. The young man released a video from his TV. And he’s watching Love Island.

The two lovebirds take care as best they can. Reality TV also allows them to spend on something other than the virus. In this regard, the singer had also used social networks to make prevention against this disease.

Indeed, she had unveiled the instructions for washing her hands on her Instagram account. She wholeheartedly hopes that her fans will do what she asks. As a result, the virus may no longer spread. In the meantime, she finds activities with her sweetheart without endangering anyone.


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