Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson: A new couple photo unveiled


Miley Cyrus just posted a beautiful photo of her and her darling! The American star took care to caption this photo!

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are happier than ever! Indeed, on Instagram, the two lovebirds have just displayed their bond …

No one had bet a single coin on this couple… However, Miley Cyrus and her darling Cody Simpson have been spinning the perfect love for already long months! Indeed, the singer does not hesitate to post photos of her lover in her Instagram story or directly on her feed!

Thus, Sunday February 17, the young woman of 27 years posted a charming snapshot of her and Cody on Instagram! On the photo in question, the 2 lovers are at the restaurant! They both pose, smiling in front of the camera! Besides, the musician is very close to Miley since he has his arm around her … If it’s not cute!

Before posting the photo above in her story, Miley took care to caption it! Indeed, she writes: “Best friend” . A beautiful message that proves once again the bond that exists between them! Moreover, on Instagram also, the darling of Miley Cyrus took a video of their Sunday sports session … The proof that they do nothing without each other!

Despite the love that appears on their faces when they are together, Miley Cyrus’ loved ones are far from having confidence in Cody! Besides, a source close to the singer has confided in Life & Style magazine! ” Cody found a good person for him and his career, that’s why he spends time with her. He is not known and Miley is a super star… Unfortunately, Miley is very stubborn, even when her friends tell her to run away she does not listen to them. If she wants to dump Cody, she’ll do it herself, not according to someone else. “