Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson, Engages To Tik Tok


Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson, Engages To Tik Tok. Miley Cyrus has published a song with Ariana Grande and Lana del Rey for the soundtrack of the upcoming Charlie’s Angels movie. But it is not that novelty that generates more headlines on it.

Her sentimental life seems to have covered the headers that speak of her. Her breakup, a few months after marrying Liam Hemsworth has given more than enough reasons to make her one of the characters at the heart of these moments. If on top of that, it does nothing more than chain couples, to which more surprising, the thing far from diminishing, it is encouraged.

For example, we do not know how they will have received rumors about a possible pregnancy of the singer. Some media say that it could be three months so that the young Australian who goes out now would not be the father, the dates do not match.

If true, it seems that the father could be her ex-husband who, incidentally, says he has started the reconstruction of the house where the couple who was cremated in California fires lived. A house next to the one Miley and her new boy now share.

At the moment all that is just rumor. What is certain is that the couple seems to enjoy what they are sharing now. That has allowed us to see some of her most committed photos or get hooked on her dancing videos.

Cody and Miley have opened an account on Tik Tok, that social network that every day has more teenagers hooked up, and there have already posted a couple of videos. In one of them, we see them move to the rhythm of You’re still the one of Shania Twain.

It has not been the only video they have recorded dancing. It seems that they have taken the pleasure of recording these choreographies and have also uploaded one to the rhythm of Stupid de Ashnikko. What we can deduce, is that it seems that the ideal place to record them is the bathroom and that, they have a great time doing them.

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