When everyone gave Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson a loss, their protagonists arrive to prove otherwise. Both have wanted to enjoy their company in this festive time, and what better way to do it than in family. It’s not like that?

Cyrus and Simpson surrounded themselves with the singer’s family on December 25 to celebrate this emotional era. And they did it with a total black looks and a hippie theme, according to the style that always accompanies each of its members.

The truth is that Cody’s incorporation into the family’s Christmas celebration was unknown until Miley herself shared an Instagram Story with her family and her boyfriend. “Merry Christmas” are the words that accompanied the image with an emoji, of course, black.

Subsequently, he shared multiple selfies with his boy in which, judging by their looks, they seemed to be having a beautiful evening. Guitar, music, family and love. What else can you ask for?

Miley has found in Cody unconditional support after the breakup with her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Proof of this was the company that made him during his hospitalization in mid-November of this year. The artist had to face a problem in the vocal cords, and her boy Cody did not hesitate to accompany her and support her at all times. They say you also have to be in the bad, right?

Then came the rumors of rupture, but both have shown that nothing and nothing can bring down the love that has united them. That’s how happy they say goodbye to the year and start a new and intriguing 365 days. And you, how did you celebrate Christmas?


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