Miley Cyrus accepts that she imitated Hilary Duff as Hannah Montana


Miley Cyrus accepts that she imitated Hilary Duff as Hannah Montana . Inspiration came to her from a very young age and has become what she is today because of her.

On her ‘ Bright Minded ‘ Instagram show Miley Cyrus opened up to Hilary Duff and what she means in her career, how her ‘ Lizzie McGuire ‘ character impacted her decisions on her projects.

‘ Hannah Montana ‘ is one of the best-known characters in the world and was the series that brought its protagonist, Cyrus , to fame , which has revealed that Hilary Duff from an early age helped her dream, because she only wanted ‘ copy it ‘

As a special guest, Duff was flattered to learn that had it not been for her, Miley would not even have been a singer or actress, as she said:

“I just want to say that I once attended one of your concerts when I was 11 years old and just flew to Los Angeles to add on Disney and ended up getting the role of Hannah Montana , but the only reason I wanted it was to be able to do what I wanted. whatever you did”

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She also emphasized that during that acting test she had to channel all her energy and make her inner Lizzie come to light, thanks to which the singer of ‘Made in the USA’ would become one of the most representative young stars of her time .

Cyrus opened her heart and expressed her excitement again to Duff , who thanked her every day for inspiring her to be what she is today, showing her how to shine and learning to know herself along the way.

In her program they were also invited Reese Witherspoon in, Bebe Rexa and Dua Lipa.


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