Miles Teller’s Trainer Talks about Tom Cruise’s Tough Expectations from “Best Shooter: Maverick”: He “Put These Guys Through It”


Goose, you look good! Miles Teller’s personal trainer Jason Walsh tells how exorbitant Tom Cruise’s expectations were regarding the cast of the movie “The Best Shooter: Maverick”.

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“I knew Tom would put these guys through it, and he definitely did,” the Rise Nation founder told Us Weekly on Thursday, June 16. “You can see it on their faces. When they do, they’re not pretending. It’s real.”

To get the 35-year-old Teller in the best shape for the role of the Rooster, Walsh had to find the best way to help the actor cope with the upcoming difficulties. In addition to attending flight school, the “Free” star also had to make sure he was “prepared for flight training”-something Walsh had never done with a client before.

“Tom is an ardent supporter of these guys really going through the rigors and trials,” explained the fitness instructor. “They were actually on those planes… so [it was about] physical fitness, just getting stronger, moving well, making sure he’s physically in good shape.”


Walsh told us that he and the Pennsylvania native mostly focused on preparation and the basics, making sure the “Divergent” star was as physically ready for the role as possible, especially when it came to that iconic beach scene.

“We did a lot of preparation in a couple of weeks [before] the beach scene, just to try to complete, but he doesn’t really need it. He was ready,” the wellness guru said.

Despite the large amount of training it took to transform Teller, which included “a lot of work on the press,” “deadlift over 450 pounds” and “learning to prepare for the G-pull,” Walsh proudly told us that the “Fighting Dogs” actor “never threw up” and was “a good old a boy” who willingly accepted any challenge.

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“He took everything very seriously. He was very professional,” Walsh said of Teller’s work ethic. “You could just say that it was something that really demanded and pushed him to the limit physically. And the award was, you know, an incredible movie.”

That doesn’t mean Walsh can take credit for everything fans loved about the Fantastic Four star while watching “Best Shooter: Maverick.” “I definitely didn’t teach him this dance,” he joked. “That’s it, Miles.”

For those who want to get in shape and look like Teller, Walsh gave some tips to help them progress, emphasizing the importance of staying in the gym all the time.


“You have to get your mind in order. I would get a program and make sure that you track it every single day,” he explained. “We had a ready-made set of programs. We followed this program. We followed all the numbers. Every single workout has been progress, and of course the diet is 50 percent.”

The Spectacular Now star was able to work with a “full-time nutritionist,” but for those who don’t have that luxury, Walsh said it’s better not to drink and less carbohydrates. “Instead of eating a burger bun… put it on a lettuce leaf,” he suggested.

While those who want to step up their fitness game can check his Instagram from time to time for tips, the famous trainer told us that he mostly tries to “stay alone” and “focus on clients” at his Rise Nation gym. However, after the commercial success of Top Gun: Maverick and how Teller announced himself as the new boyfriend of the internet, Walsh promises that people can expect more from him very soon.

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“I’m working on creating an app and other similar things so that people can get this information,” he said. “I think it’s time. I heard the pleas. I’ll answer soon. Very soon.”

Reporting by Cristina Garibaldi