Miles Teller says He and Tom Cruise discussed “Best Shooter 3”: “It all depends on TC”


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More Maverick? After the box office success of Tom Cruise’s “Best Shooter: Maverick,” fans—and co—star Miles Teller- are demanding more.

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“That would be great, but it all depends on TC,” Teller, 35, told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, July 7, referring to his 60—year-old colleague. “It all depends on Tom. I had some conversations with him about it. Let’s see.”

The freelance actor, who played a Rooster in this year’s film, joined Cruise in the successful sequel to the 1986 film “The Best Shooter,” in which his character, a military pilot, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, is tasked with preparing a group of special recruits for an important mission. Teller, along with Glen Powell, Greg Tarzan Davis and Lewis Pullman, played one of the new military trainees.

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“For him to share ‘The Best Shooter’ with me and many other young actors, it was such a wild ride, and it’s still going on,” the Pennsylvania native told ET about working with Cruz on the action movie, noting how proud he was that the film had already grossed $1 billion. “That’s definitely what my team has been saying for these future negotiations.”

Before the Whiplash star, who married Keli Sperry in September 2019, joined the Maverick star cast, he underwent an extensive fitness regime to prepare.

Miles Teller Skydance

“Tom is actively advocating for these guys to really go through the rigors and trials,” Teller’s personal trainer Jason Walsh told Us Weekly exclusively last month. “They were actually on those planes… so [it was about] physical fitness, just getting stronger, moving well, making sure he’s physically in good shape.”


The Rise Nation founder added, “I knew Tom would get these guys through this, and he definitely did. You can see it on their faces. When they do, they’re not pretending. It’s real. … [Miles] took everything very seriously. He was very professional. You could just say it was something that really required and pushed him to the limit physically. And the award was, you know, an incredible movie.”

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While most of the new film, which premiered in May, talks about the newest additions to the Top Gun universe, the actors were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Cruise.

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“I had to just turn into a sponge and just absorb, absorb, absorb, because it was a new lesson every day. I mean, he’s a Titan,” the 29—year-old Pullman exclusively told Us in June about his legendary colleague. “I’ve never seen anyone approach filmmaking the way he did, and I’ve also never seen someone so far into his career who still has such drive, has such curiosity, has such passion, has such unwillingness to stop, always trying to make even the most small scenes are better.”

The Outer Range actor, who played Lieutenant Robert “Bob” Floyd in the 2022 film, added: “And he’s so passionate about learning, I mean he’s already learned about it, but in every asset of filmmaking he seems to have an extensive understanding of every particle that goes into making a good movie that can touch everyone all over the world. So it was just incredible, incredible to watch.”