Miles Teller Responds to Viral Love for His Best Shooter: Maverick Mustache Hilariously Reveals One Person Who Is Not a Fan


Tom Cruise may be the star of Top Gun: Maverick, just like he was in the original Top Gun, but one of the key players in the sequel is Miles Teller’s Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, the son of the late Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. friend Nick “Goose” Bradshaw. Rooster is one of the TOPGUN alumni that Maverick assigned to train in the film, and while he certainly lacks convincing characterizations, let’s be honest, Teller’s role has also attracted a lot of attention thanks to that gorgeous mustache. Teller has now responded to all the viral love his facial hair has received and also revealed one person who is not his fan.

Along with the mustache he grew for “Best Shooter: Maverick,” which attracted a lot of attention, Miles Teller also showed off a mallet for the recently released Netflix movie “Spider’s Head,” where he stars alongside Chris Hemsworth. Here’s what Teller told ET about the popularity of these images:

It’s a choice, and people will let you know if it becomes iconic.

In fact, they will, although, to be honest, we’ve been waiting a lot longer to see the full power of Miles Teller in his mustachioed form. Okay, exaggeration aside, we officially saw Teller’s facial hair for the first time when the first trailer for Top Gun: Maverick was released in the summer of 2019. At the time, the sequel was scheduled to hit theaters in June 2020, and by January of this year, Teller’s Year of the Rooster had scored its own Maverick poster. However, just a few months later, the COVID pandemic led to the closure of cinemas, and, in short, the mass release of Maverick was postponed for almost two years.

“Best Shooter: Maverick” finally hit theaters near the end of May, so it’s better late than never to finally see the full scale of what the mustachioed Miles Teller brings to the table, I guess. The presence of a Rooster mustache certainly makes sense from the character’s point of view, since his father had such when he and Maverick were friends. At the same time, Miles mentioned that his wife Keli Sperry, apparently, is not among the people who are in love with facial hair, and the actor said:

I’ll tell you, my wife is not a fan either. Mullet or moustache.

It’s ironic that Keli Sperry doesn’t care about moustaches, given that she helped boost their popularity with TikTok videos in which her husband dances and idles. Miles Teller’s fandom on TikTok has become so big that the following has been dubbed #TellerTok, and although the actor is “unaware” of this aspect of his fame, he said his wife is “just having fun.” (Also, his shirtless dance in “Best Shooter: Maverick” has become a viral gif.) I believe that the popularity of the mustache will get a second boost as soon as “Maverick” becomes available for viewing on a Paramount+ subscription.

In addition to receiving critical acclaim, and CinemaBlend’s Eric Eisenberg was among its many supporters, Top Gun: Maverick is also still killing it at the box office, most recently becoming the third film to exceed $900 million in the pandemic era. Keep checking out CinemaBlend to learn more about Maverick and updates on Miles Teller’s career… and facial hair.