Miles Teller found himself with jet fuel in his blood during the filming of Top Gun: Maverick. When Tom Cruise found out about this, he had a classic reaction


Becoming a part of Top Gun: Maverick was not an easy task. The cast of “Maverick” had to be ready and able to undergo extensive flight training, and, by all accounts, this work was extensive and far from easy. For Miles Teller, it turned out to be even more difficult than for most, but he bounced back and got the best response from Tom Cruise.

In an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Miles Teller reveals that after his first jet plane flight, he found himself in pretty bad shape. He felt bad, he had hives all over his body and much more. A blood test showed that there were wild things like flame retardants and real jet fuel in his bloodstream. He told Tom Cruise about it, which Teller probably thought was the coolest way, but maybe he got an even cooler response from Cruz. Teller explains…

I go to the set the next day, and Tom is like, “How are you, Miles? What did they find? I’m like, “Well, Tom, it turns out I have jet fuel in my blood.” And, without even missing a second, Tom says, “Yes, I was born with this, baby.” .

To be honest, Tom Cruise was probably born with jet fuel in his blood. Cruz is not only ready to perform the vast majority of his practical tricks, but also insists on it. Tom Cruise has been known to fire insurance companies that didn’t insure filmmaking for any wild things he wanted to do. There must be something running through Tom Cruise’s veins that makes him more likely than most to go through such extreme situations. Jet fuel is as good an explanation as any other. Years before Top Gun: Maverick was a real project, Cruz insisted only that if and when the film was released, real planes would be involved.

Undoubtedly, it looks like Miles Teller has recovered after having jet fuel literally flowing through his veins. Maybe this is a common thing when you are near planes? Teller says he has very sensitive skin, but I’m not sure that someone’s skin will be fine if you have flame retardant and jet fuel in your body. He turned out to be in good enough shape that Teller became the source of a viral dance craze.

Whatever it takes, it seems like the sacrifice was worth it. “Best Shooter: Maverick” is a huge box office hit at a time when other films, such as Pixar’s newest film, are clearly struggling. These hands-on action sequences using real planes get most of the film’s success.