Miles Morales’ Cosplay on Thor Gives the Troubled Hero a New Life


One cosplayer created a new costume for the now infamous Miles Morales version of Thor, presenting his own version of the recent version from the scandalous What if…? Miles Morales became Thor? In the process is the return of a character who was recently criticized for what some considered a racially problematic portrayal.

With Spider-Man’s 60th birthday fast approaching, Marvel has decided to celebrate the character’s story by releasing several Spider-Man books, and Miles Morales is joining in the celebration. The whole What If…? series featuring Miles Morales focuses on four variants, each of which is endowed with the abilities of a separate superhero. Miles Morales became Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, and finally Thor. Harsh criticism was directed at the penultimate issue of the five-issue series, which featured a deaf inner monologue of Brooklyn-Asgard and Miles-Thor.

Now an enterprising cosplayer working under the pseudonym Far_Adhesiveness/Tafkar Design has put together his own Thor/Miles Morales cosplay (via Reddit). The details of the costume are faithfully reproduced, from Miles’ red hood to his signature weapon Mjolnir (with the inscription “Loki” on the hammer). But this cosplayer also decided to improve the design of the comic; Miles’ boots, predominantly white in the comics, are almost completely yellow in cosplay, which makes Thor a hero, adhering to the classic red-blue-yellow color scheme.

Apart from the yellow addition, the rest of the costume is faithfully reproduced, including the red mittens and Thor’s hairstyle. It is important to note that of all the variants of Miles, this Thor is the only one who is not referred to as Miles throughout history — everyone in Asgard simply calls him Thor. While this makes for a new approach to What If…? the narrative is still not enough to create a character that towers above the rest of the combined characters from Marvel history (many of whom have already debuted this year in various stories of the Multiverse in other events).

The cosplay above suggests that Miles Morales’ version of Thor has a lot of fans, despite the controversy surrounding the character. Even unpopular characters can win loyal fandoms, and some even return with new popularity over time (just look at the “Spider-Man: Beyond the Edge” and Ben Reilly’s arch for proof). Miles Morales, becoming Thor may just appear in only one story, but there is hope for the character’s future.