Miles Garrett was asked about Baker Mayfield: Fan reaction


As expected, Baker Mayfield has Week 1 circled in his schedule when the Browns head to Charlotte.

But it’s just another Sunday for All-Pro pass rusher Miles Garrett.:

There is no rivalry between me and him. There is no rivalry between the Panthers and the Browns. Yes, he was here, but that doesn’t mean I had a sense of urgency to get to him. I want to play my best … If I can help my team win and put them in the best position to win, I will do it. And if I can get a couple of bags on the way… I’d like that too.

Fans reacted to Garrett’s forecast on Tuesday.

“Can’t wait!” one user replied.

“He’s right. The Panthers have been better in the last ten years than the Browns. More playoff wins and SB appearances. There is no rivalry. With that said, Baker will kick their asses,” a Baker fan wrote.

“Baker always does it about him!” commented a Cleveland fan. “Not an adult in the room!”

“Yes, it’s not between Baker and his former boss. This is between Baker and all the leaders of the Browns organization,” another said. “Spirit.”

We will see September 11 at noon Eastern time.


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