Mila Kunis is nervous: she returned to the set where she met Ashton


The couple takes a leap into the past! Now the filming of the spin-off “Wild Seventies” is underway. Two actors will remain the same in the “Wild Nineties”: Ashton Kutcher (44) and Mila Kunis (39). They met as teenagers on the show and even witnessed Mila’s first on-screen kiss together. The wedding finally took place in 2015. Now that Mila and her husband have returned to the set, she is very nervous.

“It was strange to shoot together. I was very nervous,” the actress told Access. “My God, I was more nervous about this than about anything else in my career-shooting on the set of the ’70s Show with my husband. Because the scenery is exactly the same. we met crazy,” Mila added. “We arrived on set and I thought, ‘Oh, this is weird.’ It was really weird.”

Four years ago, Mila completely ruled out working with her husband. “That’s not going to happen,” the mother—of-two blurted out when asked. “I can’t look at him and think, “What are you doing?” No, that would be weird!”


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