Mike Wolfe’s rep shared a healing statement after the American Pickers star broke the news that Frank Fritz was in the hospital


Last week it became known that Frank Fritz, the former co-host of the popular historical series “American Collectors”, suffered a stroke. The news was even more important because it was Mike Wolfe, the man who confirmed Fritz’s dismissal from the series, who broke the news that his former TV partner was in the hospital. Now Wolfe’s representative is talking about respecting the privacy of the former reality TV star at this time.

Mike Wolf had previously announced the news of Frank Fritz’s hospitalization on social media, although at the time he specifically asked self-confident fans to refrain from requests, noting that now is not the time to set records.” Colby urged Frank to “just keep fighting,” even though her post has now been removed from Instagram.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Fritz and his team, people have said they have contacted Frank Fritz’s team, but for now it’s silence. With that in mind, in a new statement, Frank Wolf’s rep asked fans to give the former reality TV star some space.

We asked everyone to keep Frank, their thoughts and prayers. The most important thing is that we give him time to heal and give him the space to do so.

The message of Mike Wolfe and his representative becomes clearer with the addition of context. Fans on social media, even before the news of the stroke appeared, were very frank that they were unhappy with the departure of Frank Fritz. In the last post announcing the stroke, many Pickers fans sent emoticons with prayers, but other people who saw the post had specific comments that the two needed to make amends.

Mike Wolf and Frank Fritz had a very public quarrel over his departure from television, while Fritz openly said in an interview that he had not been in contact with Mike Wolf, as well as that he went to rehab and told more about what, in his opinion, happened before his fired. according to the series “History”. Wolfe responded to these interviews by sharing a post on social media dedicated to Fritz’s departure, but in later interviews, things didn’t seem to be thawing out, and reportedly no American Pickers star reached out to fix the fences. Then, of course, Frank went to the hospital.

Meanwhile, American Pickers went to Mike’s brother Robbie, who took second place in the road show. New episodes of the long-running reality show air on Saturday nights as part of the summer TV program; however, after Frank Fritz’s departure, the number of viewers of the show has reportedly decreased. We will keep you informed if the reality TV star or his representative makes an official statement.


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