Mike Tomlin performs Antonio Brown’s Dance: the reaction of the NFL world


Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin often criticizes his players for dancing on social media. But after winning today’s crazy game against the Cincinnati Bengals, he couldn’t help but brag about his moves.

While in the locker room after the game, a group of Steelers players started dancing for Instagram Live. At one point, Tomlin could be seen joining the crowd and dancing with them.

But fans quickly noticed that Tomlin wasn’t just dancing, he was using a dance popularized in NFL circles by former Steelers receiver Antonio Brown. Given how the relationship between Brown and the Steelers has developed, many assume that Tomlin is having a little fun at Brown’s expense.

NFL fans took to Twitter in awe of Tomlin celebrating a big win and his possibly clever trolling of Antonio Brown. Let’s take a look:

This holiday was well deserved. Today, the Pittsburgh Steelers needed every bit of luck to win over the Bengals.

Cincinnati almost beat them twice-first with a crucial touchdown before missing an extra point, and then with a missed throw from the game in overtime.

But the Steelers went for the win rather than settle for a draw, and the end result was a major victory over the reigning AFC champions.

If it is not worthy of celebration by dancing, then it is difficult to understand what exactly.


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