Mike Tomlin answered George Pickens’ question in one word


Steelers rookie receiver George Pickens was one of the most striking storylines after training camp entered the Pittsburgh preseason.

And he didn’t disappoint.

After a game in which Pickens scored a 26-yard touchdown in the back of the scoring zone with both feet down, coach Mike Tomlin was asked if there was anything he saw in the second round that surprised him.

—No,” Tomlin said.

“I need to review the record to analyze some of these things, but from the playmaker’s point of view, his game was consistent with what we saw in training,” Tomlin later continued.

Pickens finished the day with 3 catches for 43 yards and one point.

Steelers fans should be pleased to see how many of their young guys and rookies performed well in their first game of the year.

Kenny Pickett completed 13 of 15 passes for 95 yards and two touchdowns in his debut game, leading the team to win the game and win by a score of 32-25.

Mitch Trubisky looked very comfortable in the first quarter, and rookie running back Jaylen Warren also made a few plays.


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