Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Says He and His Wife Lauren Sorrentino “didn’t force” a second pregnancy: I “burst into tears”


A magical moment. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino tells the emotional story of how he found out that his wife Lauren Sorrentino is expecting baby #2.

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“We were going through hard times because our beloved family dog Moses had just passed away,” the 40—year-old Jersey Shore graduate shared exclusively with Us Weekly on Tuesday, August 9. “We were definitely a little upset, and the next thing you know, [Lauren] came down the stairs with a big brother T-shirt on [our son] Romeo, and I just burst into tears because it was such a magical moment and such a happy moment for our family.”

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An MTV spokesperson added, “We felt like it was like a parting gift from Moses… so it was an amazing moment.”

The Jersey Shore star: Family Vacation and 37-year-old Lauren shared their news with the world in July. “We have an amazing announcement!! We are a growing family! The baby is on her way 🤰🏼 January 2023,” the couple wrote in identical Instagram posts at the time. “God is Good.”

The proud parents also posted an ad on the account of their two-year-old son Romeo, and the baby was stylishly dressed in an “older brother” shirt. “Romeo’s older brother has come to the service,” the caption read. “The baby will be born in January 2023 🙏🏼”.

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The New York native and his sweetheart, who met in college and got married in November 2018, welcomed Romeo in May 2021 after he had previously suffered a pregnancy loss in 2019. Although they were happy about the successful birth of their first child, the baby contracted a fever, which put him in the intensive care unit for two weeks, causing unimaginable stress to the parents. The terrible event was documented in the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation program earlier this year.

Despite the fact that the couple had experienced stressful situations during past pregnancies, they were still open to having another child.

“We definitely tried, but at the same time… we didn’t force,” Mike told Us. “I was nervous because… you have baby number one and you don’t know what will happen when you have baby number two. Can I handle it? Do you know if my performance as a father will suffer? You’re a little worried. And I was really worried when the first one came, so it just shows how much I care.”

Even if the duo did not “force” a second pregnancy, they remembered that their children were “close in age.”

“Our magic number was about three [years apart],” the reality TV star said. “When Romeo was almost a year old, we thought, ‘Look, we kind of want to stay at the childhood stage, and we want the kids to be… in the same schools and things like that. So, in fact, everything happened exactly as we wanted. I think we kind of showed it.”

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As for how they imagine their growing brood, the Celebrity Big Brother alum shared how he and Lauren might think about having a third child, depending on the gender of baby #2.

“If it’s two boys, it’s adorable, and if it’s a boy and a girl, it kind of evens out the line—up,” Mike said. “If we have two boys, then we will obviously choose a girl, and I think if we have a girl, we will probably reconsider the whole situation and start with that.”

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