Mike Sorrentino from Jersey Shore recalls how he made a “difficult choice” to take part in the drama of Angelina Pivarnik


I did what I thought was right. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino spoke about why he decided to take part in the drama of Angelina Pivarnik in the fifth season of the series “Family Vacation on the Jersey Shore”.

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“I had a difficult choice this season because I felt that, in my opinion, one of my co—stars on the set is really sloppy,” he told Us Weekly exclusively on Tuesday, August 9. And I chose what I had to. …Maybe in the end, if I hadn’t interfered, you wouldn’t have had a good TV show.”

The 40-year-old Sorrentino confronted the 36-year-old Pivarnik in the fifth season when he accused her of cheating on her husband Chris Larangeire with “a lot of side effects.” He also spoke to 45-year-old Larangera, who claimed that his ex-wife leaked the infamous speech at their wedding to the press. The duo broke up in January after more than two years of marriage.

Instead of confronting his partner about her alleged actions, Sorrentino told the rest of the cast that the New York native was to blame for the leaked footage. When the official Jersey Shore Instagram account posted a teaser of the July episode where everything went wrong, titled “Dirty Mike,” the sober reality TV star dragged the Beer Guy into the comments.

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“She has a condition known as liabet. She lies more than she tells the truth, and these are the facts. What is, is. Don’t fall into the trap of someone posing as a victim in the storm they’ve created. She’s just angry that she got caught. Stop deviating! I said what I said. The conversation is over,” he wrote.

Registered EMT also commented, defending himself. “It’s very sad that Mike didn’t come to me first to tell me that my sabotaging, despised, leading a double life ex-husband called him, and all this was happening behind my back. It’s pretty sad all this time when I was very stressed and going through it alone,” she wrote.

Although some fans disapproved of Sorrentino’s behavior, he said it was part of a reality show. “In normal life, you wouldn’t get divorced. You just wouldn’t,” he told Us. “But since we are very close as friends and we participate in a TV show, I had to figure out how to navigate these dirty streets.”

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The MTV personality added: “One day I got a call from my husband, girlfriend and best friend of a girlfriend with very similar stories that she was very, very dirty and not very truthful with us or with anyone. And I thought: “My God, what am I going to do here?”…If you hang out with clowns, don’t be surprised that your life will turn into a circus.”


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