Mike Novogratz To Donate His Bitcoin Wealth


Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz announced on his Twitter account that he will share most of the Bitcoin fortune.

Famous investor Mike Novogratz made a statement on his Twitter account today and shared why he loves Bitcoin and how he evaluates it. Saying that Bitcoin is revolutionary, the billionaire thinks it can change the current system.

There is a harmony between Novogratz’s views on Bitcoin and his political views. Saying that he is striving to ensure social justice in his personal life, Novogratz said that both Bitcoin and social justice efforts serve the same purpose.

He Announces He Will Share His Bitcoin Wealth

Billionaire investor first started investing in Bitcoin in 2015. Novogratz, who allocated more than 30 percent of his wealth to Bitcoin investment, then set up a $ 500 million hedge fund for cryptocurrencies.

Novogratz, who became one of the richest names in the cryptocurrency world with this investment; told how to use this wealth in the future. A user named HODL MAGOO on Twitter said, “Will you donate your wealth when Bitcoin becomes 100 thousand dollars?” Answering the question, Novogratz announced that he will donate “most” of his Bitcoin fortune.

The Timing of the Statement is Significant

It may not be a coincidence that Novogratz made such a political statement regarding Bitcoin today. Because his statement is in a way that opposes the statements made by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.

Brian Armstrong announced yesterday that they are taking an apolitical attitude as a company and asked Coinbase employees not to share their political views in the work environment. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey opposed this statement made by Armstrong and gave the message that Coinbase is a crypto money company and that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are inherently “activist”. After that, Novogratz made this statement and emphasized that social justice efforts with Bitcoin serve the same goal.


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