Mike Novogratz Gifted His Earned Bitcoin to a User


Famous Bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz won 0.5 BTC in a US presidential election bet and announced that he wanted to gift that Bitcoin. Novogratz said he would give the Bitcoin he won to the winner of the lottery he shared on Twitter. The winner of the lottery made on Twitter was the user named “Adelgary”.

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz won half Bitcoin on his US presidential election bet and announced that he would like to gift someone the Bitcoin he won. In a statement on Twitter, he announced that he would send 0.5 BTC to the person who correctly guessed the number between 1 and 1000. But Novogratz also said that he has a condition in this lottery. The famous Bitcoin bull stated that he wanted to give this award to a person who has no Bitcoin.

The US presidential elections stimulated the cryptocurrency markets as well as politics. We have witnessed many developments, from the sudden rise seen in Bitcoin to the betting contracts opened for Trump and Biden in the stock markets. Stating that with Joe Biden winning the US presidential election, the cryptocurrency market volume has grown by 2.61% in the last 24 hours, and said that among all these developments, one lucky person managed to have 0.5 BTC.

He had about $ 7,700 of Bitcoin

A Twitter user named Adelgary was able to correctly guess Novogratz’s “826” and became the winner of the lottery. Adelgary, who won Mike Novogratz’s lottery, currently owns about $ 7,700 worth of Bitcoin. “Why did you choose this number?” It was learned that he answered the question that he had lived in China for eight years and 26 had a date of birth.

Mike Novogratz stated that after the winner was announced, he advised Adelgary to not buy Bitcoin until the election day, but to HODL as per the wagering requirements. In addition, Novogratz also stated that he expects a significant increase in Bitcoin for the next year and beyond.

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