Mike Novogratz explains how he bought bitcoin at $ 95


Famous billionaire and investor Mike Novogratz talked about how he first entered the cryptocurrency market in an interview.

Mike Novogratz, former hedge fund manager and Founder of Galaxy Digital, first explained the purchase of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in an interview with Alex Saunders;

“I received a phone call from a friend and asked me about Bitcoin, and I had never heard of this concept before. After 15 minutes of research, I realized it was a great technology. This happened during the European financial crisis in 2012, and my first Bitcoin purchase was at around $ 95 ”.

“When I first started researching Bitcoin, I thought it might be great, and I called my friend Dan Moorhead. Saying that he did not have enough time, Moorhead called me two weeks later and said my friend will change this world, and in this way I made my 30.00 BTC purchase. ”

“My first thought was to sell when it hit the $ 1000 level, but my partner didn’t allow it. I was going to make $ 30 million according to my plan, and for the rest of my life I would look at this with a laugh. My partner said I am doing you a favor and this will rise to much higher levels and I listened to him. ”

“Bitcoin was speculation between 2012 and 2014, but now we can understand that this is really a decentralized revolution.”

Mike Novogratz’s first investment in cryptocurrencies was Bitcoin, and then Novogratz, who bought Ethereum, describes this memory as follows;

“ETH was trading at $ 0.95. It was not that easy to buy back then, so I bought my first Ether from Vitalik. I called him and met him at a dinner party. As a result of this meeting, I bought 500,000 ETH at $ 0.99 and $ 0.98, and that’s how I really became a crypto maniac. “

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