Mike Novogratz: Bill Gates All-Time Great


Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz expressed his admiration for Bill Gates and suggested that it might be beneficial for Gates to buy Bitcoin to reinforce his title of the best of all time.

Galaxy Digital CEO and Bitcoin supporter Mike Novogratz is G.O.A.T., which means “the best of all time” for Bill Gates. used the adjective. Speaking of Bill Gates with praise on his official Twitter account, Novogratz said that Gates is an extraordinary investor and philanthropist, apart from creating Microsoft. He added that Gates, the founder of Galaxy Digital, was a great reader, and that he read as much in just one month that most people would in two years.

“I wonder if Bill Gates has Bitcoin?”

Novogratz, the famous hedge fund manager and BTC investor, also expressed wondering whether Microsoft’s founder has Bitcoin. After praising Bill Gates, CEO Mike Novogratz suggested that Gates’ ownership of Bitcoin would solidify his status as the best of all time.

While Bill Gates has not given a direct response to Novogratz for now, he has commented on BTC several times. In line with his statements, Gates’ view of Bitcoin is thought to have shifted from mild positivity to slightly negative.

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What did Bill Gates say about Bitcoin?

Bill Gates was first excited by the low BTC price in 2014, when the BTC price was around $ 800; He stated that Bitcoin can handle high-fund transactions without having to physically stay in the same place with the money. Gates added that transfers via fiat currencies can be a problem. Gates said in his statements that BTC is not related to activities such as terrorism or money laundering.

Gates pointed out at a Reddit AMA session in 2018, about 4 years after these statements, that Bitcoin was largely used for drug trafficking. While Bill Gates’ approach to Bitcoin has changed over the years, it is thought that the cryptocurrency industry may not be far from it. It is also known that earlier this year, Gates’ company Microsoft filed a patent application for a cryptocurrency that uses body heat for cryptocurrency mining.


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