Mike Leach signs contract extension: Fan reaction


Mike Leach is officially staying in Mississippi for the foreseeable future.

Leach and the school have reached an agreement on a two-year extension.

Leach’s contract is valid until the 2025 season. He led the Bulldogs to a 7-6 record last season and 11-13 in two seasons as head coach.

Fans of college football are ambivalent about this decision, especially since Leach’s record does not exceed 0.500.

“A smart move on the part of Mississippi State is to announce the extension of Mike Leach’s contract a few weeks before SEC Media Days. Sooner or later people will start talking about the fact that he has a contract only until 2023,” said one writer.

“I understand that I have extended my contract with Mike Leach. The remaining two years can be used against you when hiring, etc. But, to be honest, if it was accompanied by a salary increase, it’s a mistake. It wasn’t deserved. bye,” the fan said.

It remains to be seen if Leach can get more from Mississippi State this season.