Miitopia For Nintendo Switch, Analysis. Every Man For Himself


Miitopia: The RPG with elements of life simulator from Nintendo 3DS returns with improvements to Nintendo Switch. A refined and equally fun experience. We are not used to it being Nintendo 3DS titles that are transferred with improvements to Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console has embraced the idea of ​​giving a second chance to titles of the past with greater or lesser success; Fortunately, this time the chosen one is Miitopia, whose face wash is enough to revisit it and verify that the formula has a lot of potential. After a couple of weeks playing this irreverent RPG with touches of Tomodachi Life, there is something that does not change, despite its recursive structure: it is hilarious.

Laugh again: eccentricity, and with great honor

Miitopia is original, there is no doubt. And it is a title that reveals the essence of Nintendo in its way of understanding interpersonal relationships; without fear of posing extravagant situations or doing something extraordinary out of the ordinary. Because if in Mario Kart we launch banana peels, why not have a chef’s trade here where our tools are pans? This is the constant feeling that playing this work transmits, as particular as it is magical; with its strengths and weaknesses. And why not? It is a matter of letting yourself go and knowing what the Archmage has prepared for us, the main enemy of an adventure now much more customizable than the original of the new screen laptop.

This was one of our main fears: Nintendo Switch does not have two screens. This forces a rethinking of the interface structure, but it is not a problem. What’s more, from our criteria it is much more worthwhile to be able to enjoy the game in 1080p resolution (720p in portable mode) than in 240p. The difference, seen one in front of the other, is abysmal. Therefore, yes, it is a great adaptation, not only technically, but also in what Anglo-Saxons call quality of life, those details of quality of life that make this experience better than the title published in the summer of 2017 .


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