Miis returns: get ready for the Miitopia adventure


The nice puppets can be edited to our liking, in the purest style of the Wii Mii and other platforms. First months of 2021 and first announcements about Nintendo Switch in the making.

The Kyoto company has chosen the Nintendo Direct format to offer an event lasting about 50 minutes that has focused its attention on titles already available on the market, as well as on projects that will go on sale later. One of them is Miitopia, a game that marks the return of the Mii, although this time on Nintendo Switch.

The title, scheduled for May 21, will allow us to edit our characters and launch directly into the adventure. In the presentation trailer, which you can see on these lines, they highlight the importance of the relationships between the different characters. Spending time with your allies will improve your bond, which of course will give you an occasional advantage in the game. And yes, Miitopia will implement a battle system that will be based on arrow movements.

Animal Crossing New Horizons, an overwhelming success

The sales figures of Nintendo Switch already exceed those of Nintendo 3DS, as was confirmed in the presentation of the financial results of the third quarter of fiscal year 2021. The Japanese firm took the opportunity to update the total numbers and reported that the machine it had already sold the not inconsiderable figure of 79.87 million units. But the sale of hardware has to complement with good numbers when it comes to software, and in that there are two names that stand out: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The Animal Crossing phenomenon, which went on sale just as the first confinement loomed over a good part of society, has been spectacular. In less than a year it has sold 31.18 million units, which means that it will soon surpass Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the best-selling title on the console to date, with the particularity that this driving game became released with the launch of the console in 2017.