Miguel Herrera hopes Renato Ibarra will return to America


Before another player is signed by Club América, Miguel Herrera would prefer that Renato Ibarra return to Las Águilas.

In recent days there have been rumors about the possible arrival of Chilean midfielder Lorenzo Reyes, so Piojo was questioned about it and replied that the Ecuadorian return to El Nido.

“I prefer that Renato (Ibarra) return before we change him for Lorenzo Reyes, I am one of those who want Renato to return, the board will decide,” Herrera commented.


Renato Ibarra has a current contract with the Eagles and his loan with the Rojinegros ends in the summer of 2021, the date on which Club América could decide whether or not to return to Coapa.

The main obstacle to Ibarra’s return to America is the board, which was the main driver of his departure prior to the 2020 Guard1anes Tournament for having been denounced for domestic violence and attempted femicide.

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