Miguel Herrán: worries his fans with a message!


On his Instagram account, Miguel Herrán of La Casa de Papel and “darling” of Tokyo, posted a strange message greatly disturbing his fans

We thought maybe 2021 marked the end of the health crisis and the disappearance of Covid-19? We were totally wrong. The virus may well do even more damage than it has already done. Well, it’s probably not Miguel Herrán who will say the opposite. The Casa de Papel actor, having a hard time with illness.

Indeed, as our colleagues at Oh My Mag noted, the Tokyo “darling” turned out to be a contact case. As a result, he was placed in isolation while awaiting his personal results and to avoid infecting other people in the event that he tested positive.

Before placing himself in isolation, Miguel Herrán therefore wrote a message for his followers. Just to hear from them and let them know how much he loved them: “This time, we live like in a science fiction novel. I haven’t uploaded anything these days. because I prefer to be with those who live the life around me. ”

Before adding: “But I take this extraordinary situation which touched me to tell you that I hope everything will be better. For all of you ! May we succeed in building a stronger, more united and more conscious humanity. A more realistic and less selfish humanity. ”

But Miguel Herrán probably didn’t expect to experience such a nightmare…


Because yes, a few days later, the actor of Casa de Papel posted another snapshot on Instagram. History to give news and show how he felt. Maybe he would have done better not to.

Indeed, Miguel Herrán almost gives the impression of having fallen into a deep depression and having to isolate himself from everyone. We suspect this is a very difficult time, but the actor of many Netflix series still seems in a terrible situation.

He first said, “Six days was enough to break me. I don’t want to talk anymore. Where to eat. I stopped at my most constructive moment and it turned destructive. I am disappointed with myself. ”

Before going through his week and his descent into hell: “I want to be a better person. 1. First day as soon as I found out I had to stay home. Sad, but happy. Control the emotions. 2. day 6. I can’t control anything at all. ”

We still hope that Miguel Herrán will manage to raise his head and get out of this situation …


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