Miguel Herrán reveals his astonishing metamorphosis!


On his Instagram account, Miguel Herrán (La Casa de Papel) shared two photos he shared his incredible metamorphosis to his subscribers!

Several weeks ago, Miguel Herrán (La Casa de Papel) caused concern among his fans. He seemed to be having a hard time accepting his body. In an interview with La Voz De Galicia, he gave himself up to confidences.

Miguel Herrán (La Casa de Papel) explained: “There are times when I am better, other times worse. But the level of acceptance that I have towards my body is already constant. ”

Miguel Herrán (La Casa de Papel) also added: “Whether it is for better or for worse, I already know that this is something that I can change and that it is in my power. And that doesn’t affect me at all. ”

He also shocked his fans by saying, “I’ll tell you, there are no mirrors in my house. It’s true, yes it’s done on purpose ”. But now he seems to accept his body.

It must be said that the actor does his utmost to work on his physique so that it suits him. On social media, he has shared his incredible makeover with his followers.

This Wednesday, February 11, Miguel Herrán (La Casa de Papel) posted two new photos on his Instagram account. In his 1st photo, he showed off with an ultra muscular body. In the second, he showed his looks from before.


Captioning his Instagram photo, Miguel Herrán (La Casa de Papel) also wrote: “Today I would like to thank my coach and friend Josema Azcona for the results obtained last year”.

Miguel Herrán (La Casa de Papel) also confessed: “Since the end of confinement, I have improved a lot thanks to his training and his food tables”.

The actor also revealed, “I would also like to mention Nutrisade who has been a mentor of mine and a fundamental pillar since the first day I set foot in a gym …”.

The actor nevertheless underlined: “Always by privileging the health compared to the aesthetic result. Thank you from the heart ! 1st photo taken three days ago. 2nd photo taken on 04/27/2020 ″.

Finally, Miguel Herrán (La Casa de Papel) also concluded: “I share what a lot of people ask me about my training”.

With his pictures, he has collected more than 1.3 million “likes” from his fans. In the comments, they congratulated him. It must be said that this is a great victory for him.

One thing is certain, the one who plays the role of Rio in La Casa de Papel does not seem to be about to stop there. It will take patience before discovering the rest of his transformation. To be continued!


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