Miguel Herrán remotive ses fans sur Instagram


On Instagram, La Casa de Papel star Miguel Herrán sent a great message to his community! We tell you more!

Miguel Herrán, one of the main actors of La Casa de Papel, sent a very nice message to his fans on Insta.

Mighel Herrán is one of the actors of the moment. And for good reason, he met with dazzling success playing in two successful series, Elite, but also La Casa de Papel.

In Elite where he plays the role of Christian, the young man is caught up in the conflict between rich and modest students of his high school. In La Casa de Papel, this time he plays Río, one of our favorite characters, and the great love of Tokyo.

These two series have enabled him, in record time, to gain international recognition. Thus, today Miguel Herrán is at the heart of many series, film and fashion projects! Very cool !

However, far from taking the big head, Río’s interpreter keeps his feet on the ground. In fact, he talks regularly with fans, and does not hesitate to communicate ultra positive messages to them via his Insta!

We tell you more!


It is not uncommon to see overwhelmingly positive messages about Miguel Herrán’s Insta. Indeed, the star of La Casa de Papel, likes to transmit positive waves to his fans.

In fact, via a new Insta post, the actor has once again motivated his community.

Indeed, in the description of a photo of him in profile, his face covered in red, the actor left the following message:

“Be the best version of yourself at all times. Adapt and listen to yourself. (I don’t want to give life lessons). This text is for me. But I wasn’t going to get it tattooed! ”

In short, an ultra positive message, which necessarily reboots! So awesome !


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