Miguel Herrán reassures his fans about his mental health!


Miguel Herrán has worried his fans a lot lately. The actor of La Casa de Papel gave reassuring news. Miguel Herrán posted a very disturbing message a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, the star actor of La Casa de Papel seems to be doing better and has been keen to reassure his fans on Instagram.

Miguel Herrán finally out of his depression? The actor first rose to prominence a few years ago in the Spanish series La Casa de Papel. He puts himself in the shoes of Rio, the darling of Tokyo. In fact, his character has experienced many misadventures in the past seasons.

Fans of the series can’t wait to see Season 5 on Netflix. However, for the moment, the channel has not announced a broadcast date. In addition, the series seems to have fallen behind due to Covid-19. For his part, the Rio interpreter has known some concerns for several weeks.

Miguel Herrán had to confine himself for several weeks because he was in contact. The 24-year-old actor was left alone in his apartment for days and didn’t live well. Indeed, on Instagram, he had not hesitated to share his distress with the fans and it had worried everyone.

“6 days were enough to break me. I don’t even want to talk or eat anymore. I stopped in my most constructive moment and it turned destructive. And, I’m disappointed with myself, I want to be a better person, ”he said in tears. So fans have been very scared for him for days.


Still, Miguel Herrán seems to be doing much better today. The La Casa de Papel actor gave reassuring news to his fans on Instagram. He can walk out of his apartment again and show off with a huge smile in a photo. “Well, it’s about time… I don’t like to give explanations, but I think it’s the least you deserve for all the support I’ve received these days…”, he said. he started by saying.

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The young man never wanted to cause panic with his old Instagram post. Nonetheless, he needed to share his dismay at the world today and more particularly at Covid-19. So, he thanked all his fans for their support.

” First of all. Thank you ! I have felt really loved these days, by relatives and strangers. At no point did I want to generate all the worry that had created around my photo. I was okay to be locked up, I was wrong not to feel more positive about such a global issue as being locked in a house … “he said.

In his lengthy post, Miguel Herrán made a point of saying that he “loves his life” so he seems to be doing much better. “There is no need to be alarmed. I love to share personal moments with all of you, ”he said. But most of all, he wanted to show everyone that he remains above all a human, who suffers and is saddened from time to time.


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