Migrant seek a dignified life outside shelter in Matamoros


Tired of living in a camp with hardly any basic services, migrants stranded in the Mexican city of Matamoros, in the northern state of Tamaulipas. They are now staying in homes rented through an NGO, while they wait to cross the border and fulfill their American dream.

In these accommodations, a worthy alternative after enduring a multitude of inclement weather, the Mexican Sandra Ocampo lives today with her husband and children.

Sandra crossed the Rio Grande pregnant and gave birth to a boy on August 23 at a hospital in the United States. But two days later she was returned to Mexico without knowing her legal situation or that of the little boy, whom Joshua called.

Sitting in the apartment rented to her by the Resource Center Matamoros (RCM) organization, an organization from Brownsville, Texas, the mother of the family narrates that they turned themselves in to the US immigration authorities after deciding to leave the Matamoros migrant camp.

Due to her state of pregnancy, she was taken to the hospital and her husband and children, with whom she arrived in Matamoros seven months ago fleeing the violence in Guerrero – a poor state haunted by drug trafficking – were returned by the government officials she heads. Donald Trump.

“In the hospital I was guarded all the time by immigration agents, then they took me directly to the detention center,” says the 25-year-old woman.

Not knowing

The woman does not know if she was deported because they did not provide her with an official document, they only took her fingerprints and gave her a newborn certificate, which also did not give the opportunity to receive the vaccines and scheduled studies, according to the Mexican.

“I feel that (the immigration officials), I don’t know, if they have forced or forced the doctor to discharge me because it was too hasty,” reaffirms the woman from Guerrero, who regrets that her son could not be vaccinated.

Sandra is confused, her son already receives care from non-governmental organizations, but he does not have the vaccines and clinical studies that are applied to newborns, nor has he been registered with the Mexican authority.

Similar situations, a mixture of uncertainty and hopelessness, are repeated at various points along the northern border of Mexico.

Through the “Remain in Mexico” program, imposed more than a year ago by the United States Government, thousands of people wait in several Mexican border cities, a situation that has now been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and the almost total closure of the border.


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