Midnight Mass: series debuts on Netflix with author story by Flanagan


Midnight Mass, Netflix’s next supernatural horror series, created and directed by Mike Flanagan, is the director’s most personal project to date, according to him. The series premiered today (24) and involves a lot of suspense.

Flanagan is responsible for recent horror film hits such as Hush: Death Hears and Doctor Sleep, as well as having landed two similar series on the streaming platform: The Curse of Hill Residence and The Curse of Bly Mansion. Now, Midnight Mass tries to captivate this audience with a very mysterious plot.

While Flanagan’s previous series are adaptations of novels by Shirley Jackson and Henry James, and some of his films are based on the work of Stephen King, Midnight Mass is part of Flanagan’s authorial work.

Before the premiere, the author himself sent a very personal letter to specialized critics, in which he reveals that he has been sober for three years and that the project allowed him to face his own ghosts and demons. According to the author, although he has put a lot of himself in the two previous series, this is the story he always wanted to tell.

During production, Flanagan was able to revisit ancient texts and understand who he had become. In the process, he encountered scenes about atheism that he no longer agrees with, and about alcoholism, to which he is now able to counterbalance recovery. “Talking to myself over the past 11 years, that’s what makes [the story] so personal to me. I don’t know if I’ll ever be lucky enough to have that experience again with another job,” said the author.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Flanagan mentioned that he couldn’t have written the story until he sobered up. “I could write about alcoholism, but I couldn’t write about sobriety, not intelligently. It’s by far the most personal thing I’ve ever been lucky enough to work on,” he said.

Watch trailer for Midnight Mass:

The authorial aspect of Flanagan’s work is part of the reason for its success. His talent for storytelling accompanies his careful directing, which creates memorable episodes like the sixth chapter of The Curse of the Hill Residence, which features an impressive 17 minutes in a straight shot — uncut. For fans of the director, Midnight Mass brings some easter eggs, like the name of the series, which is the same as the book written by Maddie (Kate Siegel) in Hush: Death Hears.

Note: Midnight Mass debuts on Netflix today, September 24th.


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