Midnight Mass: Everything You Need To Know About The New Netflix Phenomenon


Midnight Mass: We review the keys to the new horror series directed by Mike Flanagan, creator of The Curse of Hill House, Doctor Sleep and Gerald’s Game. Netflix has been putting all the meat on the grill for several years to get into the pockets of fans of the series. Works like The Witcher, The Squid Game or The Curse of Hill House have unleashed a true mass phenomenon, and Midnight Mass, Mike Flanagan’s new production, was not going to be for less. It is a psychological horror miniseries that has 7 chapters of approximately one hour in length. We tell you the reasons why you should give it a try.

Midnight Mass: What is the story about?

As its name suggests, religion has a great role during the development of history. Crocket Island is largely Christian territory; Attending mass is non-negotiable for its inhabitants, although everything begins to change as soon as Father Paul inherits the witness from Monsignor Pruitt. However – and without going into spoilers – there are many surprises and there are not few subgenres that Flanagan touches as the script develops. Topics such as guilt and regret, hatred or xenophobia are present and develop as we get to know all the characters. The starting point introduces us to Riley Flyyn, a young man tormented by his involvement in a reckless homicide who lost his faith while in prison. Several years later he returns to the island with the intention of rebuilding his life, although things have changed a lot since his departure.