Midnight Club: Los Angeles To Be Sold Again for Xbox

Midnight Club: Los Angeles,  Anyone who enjoys racing games should certainly have fond memories of Midnight Club: Los Angeles, a Rockstar Games game that stopped being sold some time ago, but, interestingly enough, is back on the Xbox market.

At the time this news was written, the title was on sale for $ 14.99 and there was no sign that it would be removed from the store – at least not by the Rockstar part, which some time ago had put Midnight Club back. 2 accidentally on Steam, but removed it shortly after.

It is worth remembering that the title was previously removed from stores due to the renewal of copyrights regarding the use of the songs present in the game, so the mystery of whether this movement happened or not remains in the air. In any case, owners of Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S can run to add it to the libraries, in view of the backwards compatibility of the consoles with the Xbox 360.



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