MicroStrategy Receives $ 15 Million Bitcoin


MicroStrategy announced that it purchased 253 Bitcoins worth $ 15 million. The software company’s balance sheet contains 91,579 Bitcoins as of April 5.

MicroStrategy announced today that it is growing its Bitcoin reserve with the document it submitted to the SEC. The company announced the average purchase price of 253 Bitcoins as $ 59,339. BTC / USD is trading at $ 57,994 on Coinbase at the time of writing.

There are 91,579 BTC in reserve

The company, which first announced its crypto investment in August 2020, has purchased a total of 91,579 Bitcoins since then. Buying at an average of $ 24,311, MicroStrategy spent a total of $ 2 billion 226 million for this entire investment.

91,579 Bitcoin corresponds to 5 billion 311 million dollars at the time of writing. The company earned 138% and doubled its money thanks to its Bitcoin investment. Shares of MicroStrategy sold for $ 123.92 on July 31, while today it finds buyers at $ 703.56.