MicroStrategy CEO Running Bitcoin Full Node


MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor announced that the company has been running Bitcoin Core 0.20.1 full nodes for more than a month. Regarding the issue, Saylor expressed that he is very excited to do his part in expanding MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin network.

In Cryptopotato, the news was shared that MicroStrategy has been running Bitcoin full nodes for a month. According to the report, MicroStrategy CEO stated that they are running full nodes of the latest version of Bitcoin Core after the Bitcoins purchased both for the company and for him.

Running a full node means verifying all transactions and blocks in the blockchain network. The requirements to do this are listed as powerful hardware, a very good internet connection, and no power loss of the hardware. Michael Saylor said that MicroStrategy has full node running capability and has achieved this.

Reaction to Michael Saylor’s statement was quick

Some users reacted after MicroStrategy CEO posted on Twitter. The most vocal of all was Chris Belcher’s comment. In response to Saylor, Belcher said:

“It’s a complete misunderstanding. Running a full node alone does not provide much support. If Bitcoin is digital gold, your exact node is like your own personal jeweler checking whether the incoming gold is genuine. So, to really support Bitcoin, you should use your own full node. ”
Belcher also stated that MicroStrategy should also use full node wallets for money transfer transactions.

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MicroStrategy CEO announced that he was HODLer

Saylor had announced that he was a Bitcoin HODLer. His personal portfolio includes 17,732 Bitcoins worth about $ 235 million. In an interview dated October 26, he said that today the only investment opportunity is gold or big technologies. In his speech, he emphasized that the best investment idea is Bitcoin.


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