MicroStrategy CEO: I have no respect for Bitcoin traders!


The CEO of MicroStrategy, which recently purchased 38,250 BTC as a reserve asset to the company, said that he does not respect Bitcoin traders.

Michael Saylor, CEO of Micro Strategy, who made a name for himself by purchasing large amounts of Bitcoin in August and September and chose BTC as a reserve asset, stated that he does not respect those who trade Bitcoin.

Saylor, who made positive statements about Bitcoin many times after his company’s purchases, stated in an interview with Stansberry Research that he did not respect Bitcoin traders and said, “I am not a trader. I do not respect Bitcoin traders. ” He spoke in the form.

Saylor also stated that he is following the “long-term hold” tactic of the famous name Warren Buffet as an investment strategy.

The CEO, who first thought about investing in gold but later switched to Bitcoin and made a tremendous impact all over the world with his $ 425 million purchase, stated that the biggest cryptocurrency is a ‘hard asset’ and that gold can be extracted more if people make enough initiative and said:

“The key point here is; If I invest $ 100 billion in gold mining, I can mine more gold, but if I invest the same money in Bitcoin mining I cannot produce more Bitcoin than I do now. With this money I can only provide more security ”

He also stated that Saylor employees, who hold 72 percent of the company’s shares, responded positively to the decision to switch to Bitcoin and said:

“Our company is full of tech-loving people and Bitcoin is a digital gold. Just as Apple made your camera smaller, Facebook digitalized your photos, or Google made your library non-material, Bitcoin pushed gold out of being a material. We are just before the coming virtual wave, and we are happy to do something that will turn into a million times better tool after that wave arrives ”

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