MicroStrategy Buys 328 Bitcoin! here are the details


MicroStrategy announced in its press release on March 1 that it purchased 328 Bitcoins. With this move, the company increased the total amount of Bitcoin in its balance sheet to 90,859.

Software company MicroStrategy invested $ 15 million worth of bitcoin. In a statement submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, it was stated that a total of 328 Bitcoins were purchased at $ 45,710 each.

Almost 91 thousand bitcoins

MicroStrategy holds the title of being the public company holding the most Bitcoins on its balance sheet. The company, which started its crypto money investments in August last year, purchased a total of 90,859 bitcoins in the intervening period.

According to the statement made by Michael Saylor, the average cost of purchases made by MicroStrategy so far is 24,063 dollars; The total cost was $ 2.1 billion. Their value as of March 1 is more than $ 4.3 billion.


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