Microsoft:They introduced the Xbox Series S/X due to leaks


Phil Spencer assumes that the leaks disrupted the plans of the company, whose objective was to announce these news next week.

Microsoft did not plan to announce this week (September 7-11) the news related to the price of Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or the announcement of this reduced-performance console itself. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has acknowledged on the social network Twitter that the leaks have disrupted his plans: they were going to reveal everything next week.

“I know it has been a long wait until I know the price, the launch date and the date of the reservations,” he begins by saying. “Thanks to the community for their support and encouragement. It’s great to be able to see the reactions; I’m really proud to see how the team has handled this unscripted announcement (it was supposed to be next week, but hey…) I can’t wait for the release, ”he adds.

November 10: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch worldwide

Spencer, sincere as usual, thus recognizes that the initial plan was to announce the official announcement of Xbox Series X in the week of September 14 to 18, at which time they would also reveal the two news celebrated by the user community: Xbox Series X will be priced at 499 euros and Xbox Series S will cost 299 euros; both available worldwide on November 10.

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We say celebrated because there was always the fear that the older sister would reach 599 euros, a price that historically all companies have ended up paying dearly, as was already seen in the cycle of the generation immediately prior to the one we now end.

With the roadmap already marked, it is now his rival, Sony, who must make a move. PlayStation 5 has yet to reveal its release date and price, but the new generation of consoles already knows when it will start. Titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Yakuza: Like a Dragon have been promised to be available with their next-generation version on November 10.


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