Microsoft’s Xbox has NEW extension, what is it about?


Even on older hardware, it’s up to 50 percent faster after rebooting.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft showed a preview of the store that users will see on Xbox Series X, and the rounded corners of that design will be throughout the system’s new user interface.

It won’t stop at consoles though, as Microsoft said this holiday will see the look of the Game Pass PC app, as well as its mobile apps.

Microsoft Xbox Extension

The idea is to tie everything together tightly, while improving speed and responsiveness. The recording of game captures on Xbox One already shows a notification on paired mobile devices, and now the clip, as well as other notifications from your console, will be fully synced from the console to the phone.

The Xbox Series X and its Velocity Drive SSD naturally promise a huge speed boost, but even if you don’t upgrade to the new generation, the blog post claims you’ll see a home screen that’s 50 percent faster when your Xbox starts up and 30 percent faster when returning from a game, while using 40 percent less memory.

Microsoft has constantly revamped and reconfigured its user interface since the days of the Xbox 360; after the launch of Series X, we will see how long this approach remains.

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