Microsoft’s service Xbox Game Pass Ultimate goes live


Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, also known as xCloud, has been operating in 22 countries under the name Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In the first place, the games on the service, which has more than 150 games, can be played on Android devices, PC or Xbox consoles.

The monthly subscription fee for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the US is set at $ 14.99. With this service, users can access games directly from the cloud, and no Xbox console is needed for access. However, users must have an Xbox controller or another controller compatible with Xbox.

Microsoft underlines that its new service is still in beta. New subscribers can access the service for 1 dollar in the first month. Later, the price paid rises to $ 14.99. It is worth noting that the Xbox Live Gold subscription is also included in the package.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is currently not available on iOS devices. The reason for this is Apple’s App Store policies. The Cupertino-based company announced in August that such cloud gaming services are against the App Store rules. Apple argues that all games that can be played through these services must also be approved by it.

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