Microsoft’s New Console Xbox Series X, 5 Features You Need to Know


Microsoft’s New Console Xbox Series X 5 Features You Need to Know. Microsoft announced the new version of the Xbox gaming console, the Xbox Series X, during The Game Awards.

Microsoft today announced a new version of the long-awaited Xbox. The name of the new Xbox, previously known as the Scarlett Project, came out today. The new Xbox was called Xbox Series X, and the game console was amazed by the look of a computer case.

The Xbox Series X seems to be one of the most ambitious products in the game console world. Five major features of the Xbox Series X reveal why the console stands strong against its competitors.

Here are the 5 outstanding features of the Xbox Series X;

Quiet operation
The Xbox Series X will have four times the processing power of its predecessor, the Xbox One. Microsoft said that the Xbox Series X will not make a big noise, even though the processing power has increased fourfold. The Xbox Series X will sound as much as the sound Xbox One emits.

New wireless controller
Microsoft’s new game console, with redesigned peripherals will be presented to users. Together with the Xbox Series X, a new controller is designed similar to the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless. This controller will also have a “share” button. The new controller will work on PCs with Windows 10 along with Xbox One.

Compatibility support for Xbox One games
Microsoft announced that the new game console, Xbox Series X, will provide backward compatibility. Xbox Series X will be able to run Xbox One games and their CDs. The new game console will also run services like Xbox Game Pass.

4K and 8K support
The Xbox Series X will support 4K games with up to 60 fps, with future 120fps support. Microsoft has not announced the graphics processor for the Xbox Series X. But Microsoft also announced that the Xbox Series X will support 8K.

Positioning options
The Xbox Series X, which resembles an upright computer case, will not be used as it is seen in the visual. Originally used vertically, the Xbox Series X can also be used in landscape orientation.

Although Microsoft announced the new game console Xbox Series X today, we will have to wait a long time to see it. Because the new Xbox, just like the PlayStation 5, will be released next year.

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