Microsoft’s foldable phone, Surface Duo, dismantled


The Surface Duo, Microsoft’s new trial in the smartphone space, has been taken apart step by step by the iFixit team. The team stated that it is very difficult to replace the components in the disassembled device.

One of the biggest companies in the technology world, Microsoft’s newest trial in the smartphone world, Surface Duo, was examined by the iFixit team in thin pieces.

The most striking thing the iFixit team found about Microsoft’s new mobile device is that it has a “refreshingly simple hinge design” compared to other foldable devices currently on the market. The team likened it to a miniature 360-degree laptop hinge.

Microsoft Surface Duo disassembled

Of course, while the Microsoft Duo’s hinge was praised, devices like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Motorola Razr were really folding and probably had more complex hinge designs. Samsung even postponed the release date so that the original Fold was more durable and the mechanism did not dust.

Referring to the batteries of the Surface Duo, the iFixit team stated that one of the batteries is 2 times larger than the other, and Microsoft has made it very difficult to replace the batteries by using lots of glue and screws.

Expressing that the parts that are difficult to replace are not just batteries, the team stated that the parts that are easy to change are only the screens and the glass coating on the back. It has a price tag of $ 1,400.

Microsoft introduced the last Surface Duo, and the technical features of the device, whose design was previously shown, were finally announced.

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